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April 1 - April 30, 2021

welcome to the Microsoft Ecochallenge

November’s Ecochallenge delivered big results. Together with more than 8,400 Microsoft participants, you saved almost 2,000 pounds of paper, picked up more than 3,200 pieces of litter, and kept nearly 2,500 disposable cups from hitting the landfill. To honor Earth Day in April, the newest Ecochallenge encompasses all four Microsoft sustainability focus areas: carbon, water, waste, and ecosystems.

The Microsoft Ecochallenge is an opportunity for participants to learn and practice habits that support them on their personal sustainability journey. Individual action leads to collective impact and it takes action at the systemic and individual level to make truly sustainable change.

This challenge is for everyone seeking fresh perspectives and bold ideas on how to take impactful action in their daily lives to minimize their impact to the environment. The challenge focuses on actions participants can take at home during the global health crisis, and provides support and comradery with digital teams. By the end of the month-long challenge, you’ll learn how to reduce your waste footprint, lower your carbon emissions, be a more conscious water consumer, and support healthy ecosystems.

We hope that you share your progress and earn points for the actions you take for the duration of the whole challenge. Our hope is that you will maintain these practiced actions well beyond this challenge to continue making a positive impact. The combination of collective inspiration, camaraderie and friendly competition makes change a little easier — and a lot more fun.

Explore the Challenge

The challenge action categories reflect Microsoft’s own sustainability commitments. You’ll find actions that will challenge you to progress on your own carbon negative, water positive, zero waste, and healthy ecosystem journey. To support your process, we’ve offered resource links that can be found when you click on ‘Learn More’ under an action. These resources will help you learn about or achieve success in your actions. Please note that the resources linked to each action are recommendations and a place to start, and not endorsements from any of the institutions referenced in this event. We’ve also put together a series of resources and assets you can use to enhance your Ecochallenge experience and share the Ecochallenge with your colleagues.

Explore the Ecochallenge Resources

Did we mention there are prizes? The participant and the three teams with the most points will win a donation to a leading environmental NGO.

Read About the Prizes

Get support for the Ecochallenge with Perks+! The Microsoft Perks+ program is offering reimbursement (for FTEs, interns, and visiting researchers) for select Sustainable Lifestyle items that can support your success in the Ecochallenge. These include items such as reusable water bottles, composting bins, select gardening items and more!

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learn more about sustainability at Microsoft

Microsoft began its sustainability journey more than a decade ago through its carbon neutral program, renewable energy progress, and commitment to building sustainable products and infrastructure. Most recently on January 28, Microsoft released its first-ever company-wide Environmental Sustainability report, sharing the learnings and progress the company made in 2020. ​

Last year, Microsoft committed to a series of four sprints aligned to four focus areas: carbon, ecosystems, waste, and water. In each of these sprints Microsoft announced ambitious plans to reduce its impact on the environment through its own operations, by empowering its customers, with improved access and management of environmental data, and by enlisting you, its employees.

Read the 2020 Sustainability Report


Take part in the Worldwide Sustainability Community at Microsoft

The Worldwide Sustainability Community (WWSC) is a global group of Microsoft professionals committed to protecting Earth’s natural resources, creating positive environmental change, and ensuring Microsoft is operating with the most sustainable practices possible.

It is a centralized platform for continued sustainability education, involvement opportunities, sharing of knowledge, best practices, success & failure stories, and a support network for internal and external initiatives. The WWSC seeks to be the unified voice of Microsoft employees – channeling ideas, opinions, and passions into meaningful action.

Learn More About the Community

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The Ecochallenge Platform is a signature offering of (formerly Northwest Earth Institute), a sustainability organization that provides innovative social and digital tools designed to be a launchpad for emerging generations and sustainability leaders to experience “ah-ha” moments that lead to extraordinary environmental and social change. Over 100,000+ people from 139 countries have used the Ecochallenge Platform and the organization has engaged over 390,000 people throughout its 27-year history.